Buying Local


This past weekend, my family and I went to a flea market at the University of Puget Sound, that raised money for their scholarship program.  Their gym was filled with local vendors selling handmade goods and antiques.  As we went booth to booth, we saw faces of people we knew, all Tacoma locals. Although the city of Tacoma is known for its grit, a.k.a. “Grit City” we support each other!  To me, buying local means, supporting someone who is following their passion, encouraging people to go after what they want, allowing a person or family to have an income based on what they can create, promoting others to do the same.

Urban Exchange had this ceramic mug, advertising the 1884, the year old Tacoma and new Tacoma merged together and became the Tacoma we know today.  A great symbol of the community coming together as one!  Also, Urban Exchange is a shop that takes 2nd hand goods and resells them… talk about being frugal and not wasting items that are no longer needed!

I encourage everyone to buy local whenever possible.  Support your community and contribute in a positive way.  Help others follow their creative passions or talents and maybe they will inspire you to do the same!


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