Celebrating Milestones

Yesterday I celebrated a decade of being with my love and life partner.  Other than it being our anniversary and the first day of spring (very excited about that!) I had no expectations for the day.  It was Monday, I had to go to work, we went to the gym and my plan was to make some home made pizzas with the dough from Trader Joes.  We had a great weekend together hiking and I was thankful that we were still happy together after ten years.

My other half had secretly planned another ending to our day.  He surprised me with a gift and reservations to a fancy dinner at El Gaucho’s.  When we arrived there were rose petals on the table and a card wishing us a happy anniversary.  The dinner was excellent, with the steak cooked to perfection and oysters that demanded to be savored.  Our conversation went from enjoying the lavish meal to ideas for our future.  The moment together felt perfect.  As he looked over to me and said, “We made it ten years!” it hit me, this is a big deal!

Maybe it was having no expectations for the night or the fact that I have been finding ways to simplify life, that made the night so special.  I appreciated every moment to the very end as we enjoyed a glass of whiskey on the porch, talking about renovation ideas for the house.  It reminded me that the good things in life need to be celebrated. Applaud how far you have come and think positive about the future.  In the meantime, honor the moment and have no expectations- life might surprise you!



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