How to End a Weekend

Sunday night and the reality begins to set in: the weekend is almost over.  The days off were well spent;  got in some exercise, read, wrote, stayed in budget, had brunch with friends and got some chores done around the house.  Meal prepped for breakfast to go and lunch for the next couple of days and relaxed on the couch with my love for an episode of Jeopardy (guilty nerdy  pleasure).  But, one of my most favorite ways to relax and end the weekend is with a hot bath, either with bath salts or bath bombs and a good read.  For an hour, I turn off from the needs of everyone else and just indulge in the moment.

I’ve decorated the downstairs bathroom with vintage pin-up icons, ceramic cats and girly, Paris themed decor.  The rest of the house is rather masculine, with a vintage industrial sort of feel.  Here is where I go to embrace my feminine side.  My wo-man cave, I suppose. I lay back and let the creative juices flow.

I think it is important for everyone to have a place to escape.  Let it be the gym, a hiking trail or a room in the house.  A place you feel safe to be yourself and let your mind run free. The quiet moments are just as important as the busy ones.


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