Trust the Timing of Your Life

I was at the gym last night, flipping through Instagram on the stair stepper (I lifted weights prior- weights have changed my life!) and I came across this quote, “Trust the timing of your life.”  It spoke to me greatly.  I feel like I have been trying to force myself to figure out, who I want to be.  I imagine a perfect lifestyle, but rather than setting up a plan to get there, I just stress myself out.  I went from being a laid back, happy person to someone who feels constant anxiety.  I can’t sleep at night for my mind races.  I have had stomach and digestive issues for over a year.  I blame all of this on stress.  Stress that I have caused myself.  Stress over situations I couldn’t change.  Stress over situations I could change, but didn’t do what it takes to actually change them.

Then I thought about my actions recently.  I have been exercising more (went down a dress size!), eating better, reading more, writing daily, living below my means, paying off debt that has been hanging over my head and I have been less stressed!  I haven’t worried about the “what ifs”, rather I am just living.  I am doing the things I have been saying that will make me happy and guess what… they are!  I feel more confident and excited about life and the direction I’m going.  Rather than stressing about trying to control every situation, I am trusting the timing of everything in life.  My whole past experience has brought me here, with lessons and wisdom and now is my chance to be aware of that, but also continue to grow.  I am here because of all of my past choices.  There is no one else to blame or thank, but myself.  I take responsibility from here on out!

Trust the timing of your life.  Sometimes things that don’t work out, turn out to be a good thing.


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