House Plants

I haven’t always had the best luck with keeping plants alive.  Poinsettias dry out before Christmas, cactuses that are supposed to be hard to kill- wilt away and trees I’ve had end up being a trunk with roots.  I threw in the towel with my efforts of having a green thumb and bought a bunch of fake plants from Ikea.  Although the fake ones are fun to decorate with, there is no comparison to the additional life, real plants bring to the room.  After being inspired by rooms I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest, I decided to give it another shot.

I purchased a Parlor Palm, Peace Lily, Sansevieria Snake Plant and Golden Pothos.  All require keeping the soil moist, temperatures between 65F-80F and bright light to shade.  I cleaned an old bench we had under an outside table and found some random pots around the house to put them in.

Maybe now that I am being more responsible with other areas in my life, I will be disciplined enough to take of some house plants.  Like myself, to keep plants growing and doing their best, they need to be fed well and hydrated, some sun, and need to be cared for.  In return for caring for them, they will keep the air fresh in my house and look beautiful.  The air already smells fresher in the room!


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