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I suffered yesterday from a spending hangover.  The night before, my love and I drove out to Seattle for a concert we had tickets to at the Crocodile.  He had purchased the tickets, so I grabbed a little extra cash out of my FUN MONEY ENVELOPE to spoil the both of us.  We got to the venue early and I circled the block three times before deciding to park a few streets down (I refuse to pay for parking, if possible).  We both were starving after working all day and going straight to Seattle and wanted a bite to eat.  We decided on Wasabi for some sushi.  We ordered a couple rolls, he ordered a sake and I ordered a fancy Bourbon drink.17438665_389442951427531_2131147653990318080_n

We were sitting in the bar and our favorite show, Jeopardy came on.  We were enjoying ourselves and before I knew it, I ordered another fancy ginger Bourbon drink.  It was time to head out to go to the show and while my guy was in the bathroom, I grabbed the tab.  $98 starred back at me and I felt a little guilty.  Those drinks I was sucking down were $13 bucks a piece!  I have been pretty good with my frugal journey, and had saved the money for FUN, for times just like this, but it made me realize how easy it is to spend money and how unaware I was of it before.

I read some of, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert last night and a few of the sentences popped out at me.  She wrote, “You can certainly live without debt, because debt will always be the abattoir of creative dreams.”  She went on further to say, “Nobody needs debt less than an artist.  So try to not fall into that trap.  And if you  have already fallen into that trap, try to claw your way out of it by any means necessary, as soon as you can.  Free yourself so that you can live and create more freely, as you were designed by nature to do.”  OMG, I loved this!  It reminded me, why I am doing all of this.  Why am I embarking on a frugal lifestyle?  So that I have the freedom to be more creative!  What may feel like deprivation now, will set me free.  With a lifestyle that has to slave to pay off debt, creative inspiration is absent.

It’s funny, when you are on the right path, there are little signs along the way, that will guide you.


One thought on “Creative Inspiration”

  1. In hindsight I always rather like having these moments of total regret lol. If we don’t do things mindlessly that we said we’d do mindfully, we don’t really have a solid grasp of the consequences (whether to our goals or our person or our bank account etc), and we don’t have that *knowing* that we won’t want to do it again in the future. It was the same concept when I went vegan. In the first month I ate some cheese and I felt so bloody awful it actually helped concrete my resolve. Our boundaries always shift, and even though you had that money put aside for fun, now you know your boundaries have shifted even more than you thought, and you don’t get the same enjoyment from big spending as you did. So, if you see what I’m getting at, it was good you had a lovely time spending your money, now you’ll know you will have a great time if you spend more mindfully next time – you won’t feel you missed out on an experience if you have cheaper drinks or less of something etc. Phew! Took a while to get to my point XD

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