It’s OK to Chill

Saturday morning and naturally I wake up earlier than I’d like.  Without any definite plans for the day, such a rare case it seems, my mind starts racing of all the things I could do with my day.  I could drive out to the mountains and go for a hike, go downtown and do some shopping, take my bike out, roll the Jeep down to Portland… but as I looked out the window and saw the rain coming down, I was glad.  Not that the rain scared me away from any of my plans (impossible when you live in Seattle to do anything if you are afraid of the rain), but it did make me want to just chill out for the morning.  I made some coffee and a bowl of cereal, put some essential oils in the air purifier and grabbed my laptop.  I can hear the rain patter on the roof, my dogs are curled next to me and I’m enjoying exactly what I am doing in this moment.  I’m normally a GO type of person, I don’t like too many plans, I’d rather just go and do what I feel.  Maybe that’s the fear of commitment in me!  But, it is also the love of freedom.  I don’t relay on others, I am perfectly fine going on adventures by myself (well, with my dogs sometimes too) and I enjoy the time alone.  Though, sometimes it’s ok to chill.  Instead of trying to force any direction to the day, let it ride.  Let some creative juices flow through your mind and inspiration come to you. Take a break from having to DO anything and just BE.



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