Sunny Days

I awoke in the middle of the night with stomach pains that had me crunched in fetal position.  Not how I planned on started my week, but I listened to my body and took a “wellness” day from work.  Too uncomfortable to lay down, I decided to take a warm bath and read a little.  From the bath, I moved to the couch, where I remained all afternoon, binge watching comedies, drinking broth and scrolling through Instagram.  After the third nap, I began to feel worst and needed some fresh air.  I drank some ginger and grapefruit juice, took a shower, grabbed the dogs, hopped in the Jeep and drove down to the waterfront, a few miles from my house.  It was a beautiful day and the folks here in the Pacific Northwest don’t let those days go by without taking advantage of them.  People were out with their kids and dogs, the smell of meat on the grill was in the air and I was already starting to feel better.  Although, I could still feel the pain in my stomach (I think I have just overdone it lately with bad diet choices), being outside always makes me feel better. Sunny days are a reminder why I want to take care of myself and feel good.  I want to remain active well into my older age if I’m fortunate enough to get there.  Being under the weather reminded me of this too.  Our bodies are strong and self sufficient for the most part, but they also need to be cared for.  Over 65% of Americans are obese, bringing with that multiple health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  So many health issues can be resolved, just from proper diet and exercise.  By choosing the right foods to fuel our bodies, our quality of life, sleep, sex- can improve.  It is just another thing in life, if you take care of it and do what is best for yourself, you will be rewarded in the long run.  I’m thankful for the little reminders to stay on track of working towards becoming the best version of myself.


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