The Beauty of the Unknown

Not knowing, can sometimes be a beautiful thing.  Take for instances, my life, before I embarked on my frugal journey.  I went out, spent money, bought clothes I didn’t really need, went out to eat on a daily basis- I was living it up and had no idea how careless I was being.  Not saying that is a positive matter, but I was carefree and that is important to me as well.  Then the reality started to set in, that if I wanted to achieve some of my goals, I would need some discipline.  If I wanted to truly be free, I would have to let go of my past and that also means, not continuing to pay for it as well.  The beauty of the unknown is that something great can soon happen.  Unfortunately, it could also mean a disaster could strike.  This is where being smart and frugal now, will help me prepare- for those unknown disasters or something good, like the decision to start a family.  Either way, without some discipline now, I won’t be ready for when the changes come and they will be harder, good or bad.  Looking back now, I can’t believe how much money I was blowing and not saving, not paying off debt, not helping me towards my future.  I will blame the reckless carelessness of my youth and in a way, I don’t regret one bit of it.  But, here I am now, almost over that hill and I am a little wiser.  I think of upcoming car tabs due, and how I will budget for them.  I get excited about the idea of paying off a line of credit this year, that I have had since I was in my early twenties.  I like the idea that I am finally figuring out a plan to take care of myself.  It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.  I still have money left over in my cash envelopes when payday comes around and I haven’t charged anything on credit since I started.  There isn’t a need too and there never was.  It was all carelessness.  Unnecessary satisfaction that I felt I needed immediately.  Now, my satisfaction lies more in knowing that I am taking care of my needs in the future.  That I am freeing myself from the slavery of debt and allowing myself the freedom to be creative with how I want to live my life.


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