Time To Do

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of journaling, pinning, researching, observing… and quite frankly I’m not only stressing myself, I’m getting bored.  Am I ever going to cook the 800 recipes I have pinned on Pinterest?  Or fit into my white jeans I’ve had in my closet for three summers?  I’m not even going to come close, if I don’t start DOING.  Thinking about a business idea can only go so far.  What I am really doing is wasting time and giving myself anxiety.  I have this reality in my mind of the life I want, but actual reality requires much more.  Only through purposeful action will goals be achieved.  I feel like I’m on the right path, but now is the time to get out of the car and experience some of the stops along the way.

My boyfriend and I were driving through the South Island of New Zealand and on the way to Queenstown was an amazing view of Mount Cook.  I wanted to stop and grab a photo, but my boyfriend had been driving for hours and was determined to get to our destination.  He said we would stop there on the way back.  Well, a few days later, when we left Queenstown, we decided to go another way.  I missed my chance.  Maybe one day I will get another, but the 22 hours of travel time, doesn’t make it easy.  Point being- I’m all for the journey, but I’m tired of putting things off.

Now is the time to cook that recipe, run that marathon- whatever I have been thinking about, because I may not get another chance.


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