Simplifiing the Wardrobe

Tonight I was putting away laundry, struggling to fit one more hanger on the rack. I thought to myself, “enough is enough”.  I am not going to wear that size 2 mini skirt ever again.  Or the unicorn dress I bought one summer, when I was 19.  Although there has been certain occasions I was glad I had saved an article of clothing, like Halloween, most the time it, things I don’t wear, just sit in my closet.  For years.  I texted my coworkers, one a younger girl and another with a teenage daughter, and asked them if they would like my clothes I wanted to give away.  Both of them texted back quickly, YES!  So, for two hours I went through all my dresses, shirts and pants, pulling anything I didn’t love or made me feel good when I wore it.  Sure, there were somethings I thought were cute… but really not my style any more.  I thought about times I wore something and how I didn’t like how it fit, and I threw it in the bag.  My lack of hangers, tuned into an abundance and I feel that tomorrow when I pick out my outfit, it will be much easier.

It feels good to get rid of things I do not need.  The fact that I am not using them and someone else could enjoy them, makes me happy.  I am at a point in my life, where if I don’t love it, if it doesn’t bring me joy or add beauty to my life- I’m done with it.  Good bye clutter, not only am I simplifying my wardrobe, I am simplifying my life.


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