I am having the family over for Easter brunch this Sunday and all week I have been planning a special menu to prepare for them.  Back when I didn’t care how much I spent, feeding 8 people wasn’t an issue.  But, now that I am trying to be more frugal, I would like to stay in my budget, while creating a special holiday bunch.  I also don’t want to blow my health goals, since that is another journey I have been embarking on (not necessarily to lose weight, but just to be healthy!).  So, I came up with a menu that consisted of items I mostly already had.  My deviled eggs are always devoured before everyone even sits down at the table, so those are a must.  Then I will have a skinny tuna casserole, a recipe that I found on Pinterest ( from Skinny Taste.  I have made it before and it is delicious… this is also from a person that hated tuna casserole (bad childhood memories of Tuna Helper almost every night for dinner).  Add to that a couple veggie quiches, I was going to do crab quiches, but at $17 for 6oz, I just couldn’t justify it.  Broccoli salad and chicken salad sandwiches with some lemon-aid to drink for the kids.  I spent a total of $80 and I feel like I was able to go a little over the top, which I like to do for special occasions, but still stay in my budget.  Tonight I will probably set the table and bring out some fancy napkins, always a nice touch.  But, what is most important is the time with family.  It is the traditions that we create together that are memories we will look back on.  The anticipation of it all excites me.  These are the days that make me smile.  Everyone together, eating and having a good time!


4 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. I find that whenever people aren’t making food themselves, they’re just over the moon to be eating whatever you’re laying out! I know there are certain times of the year that you will disappoint if you don’t bring out the traditional foods (like the ham over here in Australia at Christmas – and there’s nothing wrong with asking people to contribute one item which is standard practice over here) but other than that you’ll be a hit no matter what! Although I’m a vegan, I do it for the animals, not because I don’t love to eat them lol, your menu sounds delicious. Chicken & tuna were my two everyday foods when I was omni. And devilled eggs, yeeeees!

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      1. It took me 36 years to do it and stick with it but once the conviction of the knowledge that veg is the way to go outweighs the tastebuds it’s game on! The fact that you do go veg a lot reminds me of me! One day it may stick x

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