I have been recently motivated by a book I’m reading, “Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie (thanks to one of my blog readers for the recommendation).  In the chapters that I read last night, as I laid in my bathtub, sore, tired and unmotivated, I came to the conclusion that my life needs more action.  I’ve gotten into the habit of driving home after work tired, pouring a glass of wine, making dinner, pouring another glass of wine, sitting on the couch and watching television shows until bedtime.  Whenever my life gets in this routine, I begin to feel bored and unmotivated.  Although, I have goals and want to be more creative with my time,  I have allowed myself to get in this nasty routine.  I told myself last night, this is the end of it!  No matter how tired or sore I am after work, I am going to get in some exercise.  Whether it is a walk around the block, a bike ride, yoga or walking on the treadmill at the gym- something.  Not because I am trying to fit into a size zero, but because I value my health and when I exercise, I feel better.  I will look at it as my second wind for the night.  When I come home I will make a healthy meal and allow myself to unwind for an hour in front of the TV if I want (I do love Jeopardy and a couple other shows), but then for the rest of the night I want to either be studying something or creating something.  Just because I am not a student in college anymore, doesn’t mean I can no longer learn something new.  I want to read more.   I want to learn about other cultures and geography.  I want to paint, write, color, draw and create things.  I am over sitting on the couch, scrolling through the same social media sites, with the same people, posting the same kind of things, over and over again.  There is life to be lived and I am ready to take action!


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