Looking Up

Last night I was driving around, doing some errands and I thought to myself, “does it all really matter?”  Sure, I want to be debt free so that I can have more freedom to do what I want with my time and money, but really does it all matter?  Not to be a downer for everyone, but if we are just going to die anyways… why are we stressing about so much?  I have thought about this often throughout myself, almost to a fault.  It doesn’t matter and at the same time, it does matter, cause this maybe the only chance we get!  Point is, there is no point in stressing yourself out over anything.  If there is a problem, collect the facts, find a solution and works towards that.  It’s great to have goals, but don’t stress yourself out so much, that you are not living and appreciating right now!  I chose to look up and distract myself from the petty things that don’t matter, work towards the big things that do matter and not stress along the way.


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