It Will All Be O.K.

I have always been a planner.  I like to think about all the details and try to make situations as best as possible.  I have been known to throw a great dinner party, with details down to matching themed napkins.  But, something within me has changed in the last couple of years and I have been letting go of the need to be in control.  I noticed myself getting irritated if guest didn’t appreciate my fancy appetizers or if one would show up too early and everything wasn’t finished.  I don’t want to be known as an irritable host, but one who is joyful and caring.   In those moments, it was my need to make everything perfect, but most likely my guest didn’t noticed the food wasn’t finished yet, they were just happy to be over celebrating whatever occasion we were getting together for.  I have had to tell myself, it will all be O.K.  There is no way to plan anything in life.  You can set out on a certain path, but there is no telling the detours that will need to be made, the people you will meet along the way, that may change your life forever or any other surprises that may come up.  The best thing I can do, is my best to prepare for whatever I can control and when problems come up, figure out the best solution.  Trust life, the universe, God- that no matter what, it will all be O.K.


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