Fear of Missing Out

We have come to a place in time where access to information, to friends and family, to work… is available pretty much any where at any time.  We can be on vacation in the middle of a forest, in a small town in New Zealand and still close a deal in real estate (my boyfriend is an agent and I have witnessed it).  It is amazing the access we have and the ability to connect, but at the same time, I feel it has created this desire, to always be “in the know”.  We want to know what is going on with work when we are not there, what our friends are doing when we are not with them and what is going on in the world at this moment.  And we can.  Just google it, log in, tap your watch.. whatever you want to do.  There are 7 different social media and emails addresses I log into consistently every morning and others I check through out the day.  Not only is it not good enough to post something here, but I need to post something there because I have different followers there, than here and it is enough to make your head spin.  Taking just the right picture for the right caption to create the most amount of likes, can create a lot of pressure.  Now a days, who needs additional pressures and stress?  I know I don’t!  It is the fear of missing out, that is making us really miss out on what is important.  When it really comes down to it, who cares? Who care what you ate for lunch?  Or what you did with  your weekend?  Sure you aunt in Arizona might, but she would probably be more happy with a phone call and hear your voice.  The whole social media thing can be a great tool for staying connected, but at what point does it become an obsession?  Instead of creating the best social media post how about creating the best possible you?  My friend wanted to see a picture of my recent micro-bladed eyebrows (an indulgent self care procedure I had done before embarking on my frugal lifestyle) and I honestly didn’t have one picture saved where I wasn’t wearing makeup or didn’t use a filter.  This made me sad.  I don’t want to look back on myself when I am an old lady and see a bunch of perfect filtered pictures.  I want to see me!  So, here I am exposing myself and not allowing myself to be perfect or to know everything that is going on with everyone.  It is time for real life, in the moment, where I am.


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