Take Care of Yourself

How many times have I had to remind myself, “Take care of yourself!” over the years?  In times of stress or when life seems off balance, I find myself, neglecting myself in certain aspects of my life.  When I get too focused on work, I struggle with making it to the gym or sleeping soundly through the night.  When I am too busy with social events, I find myself exhausted, needing some alone time.  Every time, I am reminded how important, self-care is.  In order to give the best of ourselves, we must treat ourselves with love and respect.  Otherwise, we are not living life at our best.  Physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, we can balance ourselves to living our best lives.  These things can take on different meaning for everyone, but self care is important.  Stress is the cause of sickness and unhappiness.  Finding ways to reduce stress and bringing more meaning into life is taking care of yourself.  Don’t feel guilty about going to that yoga class or saying no to an event to relax at home with a book.   Take care of you!


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