Struggling through childhood, with a broken home and bullies at school, lashing out in life, ultimately hurting myself the most, my younger years were not rainbows and prom dresses.  Bad choices in dating, health, safety;  living life like nothing mattered, but hurting inside, no one would have guessed it.  Wanting so bad, to just feel happy and normal, each day, reminding myself, that I have choices.  Started to learn from mistakes and relationships, making better choices after the lessons were learned, sometimes being repeated year after year.  Then one day, everything felt different.  What really mattered was good and brought a smile to my face.  Bullies, that never go away, had less of a reaction from me.  I could take a full deep breathe that was filled with gratitude and exhaled with love.  I had arrived to the place I longed for, since I was a little girl.  A place of peace and acceptance, for I had finally accepted myself.  I loved myself.  I treated myself kind.  I spoke to myself nicely and pushed the negative thoughts aside.  I was tough from my past, giving me the grit to rise above the hurt.  And all I can say is, thank you.



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