Life Goals

This morning I was motivated “to try a little harder” when a friend of mine posted on Instagram, studying for her Masters with her baby asleep beside her.  Not trying to compete with anyone, but I know that I can be doing a little more.  I was pretty proud of myself yesterday when I finally weeded out my garden, so that I can plant some starters.  It felt good to accomplish something that has been on my mind for a while.  Now it is done and I can move on to the next tasks, get some dirt.  Once I get my dirt and spread it, I can buy some vegetable starters and plant them.  I can take care of my garden until it is ready to harvest and then enjoy what I have grown and took care of myself.  This reminded me of other goals I have had, many the same ones over the years, ready to tackle.  I started to write out everything I would like to do and accomplish in life.  Why not just focus on these things?  Why waste time of the things that do not matter?  What would it be like to be focused on my goals, doing the right actions that will give me the results I desire?  I became excited!  Here is what I have so far, a few of the recent ones I have accomplished to get me started!

Life Goals:  Bucket Graph- Use these for future goals to work towards (highlight when completed.)

Get Braces Complete a half marathon Go to New Zealand and backpack Own a Jeep Have a home Go Vegetarian for a year
Have $10k+ Saved Pay off BECU Pay off Jeep Pay off Student Loans Lose 15lbs and weigh <135 Live by the water
Go to San Diego Go to Hawaii as an adult Go to New York Go to Arizona Go to Italy Go to Switzerland
Go to Paris Adopt a shelter dog Become a mom Marry Drew Have a million saved for retirement Own a sports car
Drive 101 to Mexico Have a side gig See a concert at Red Rock Seahawks Season tickets Take cooking classes Have a beautiful backyard and garden

Remodel Kitchen

Give nephews at least $1k each Hike Mt. Rainier trail Hike Mailbox Take Drew to San Francisco Go to Napa
Go to New Orleans Take the whole top off the Jeep and get softie Speak Spanish Fluently Powell’s Bookstore in Portland Go to Banff Own an Airstream
Take an Alaskan Cruise Go to Nashville Go to Oktoberfest in Germany Have a spa weekend at a retreat Go Cell phone/web free for a full weekend Go sober for 1 month
Eat at Canlis in Seattle Do not buy new clothes for 1 year challenge 30 Day Yoga Challenge Drive across country Go to Amsterdam Go to Spain
Do a half marathon in another state Make a clay pot or cup Do a hiking backpack trip in the Enchantments Write a book Take a makeup lesson Have a wine cellar
Make cheese Drive through the Olympics Leave a 100% tip for a server Have dinner on top of Crystal after hiking Read 52 books in one year Hike 52 hikes in 1 year
Take a photo a day for 1 year Go Vegan for a month Try a float tank place Have 100+ followers on my blog

I would like to spend my time working towards these things.  Not all who wander are lost, but having a goal in mind is a good way to get there!


Yoga and Meditation

As much as I love sleep, it doesn’t love me.  My mind decides to run wild with thoughts as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Every ache and pain screams at me, my skin itches, I think of what I’m going to cook for dinner the next day… whatever that will keep me from feeling relaxed and ready to sleep.  I would love to be a morning person, get my workout done and feel ready to start the day, but the constant lack of a full nights sleep has me starting most my days out in zombie mode.

Last night I decided to download a meditation app called Calm.  It has different mediation exercises, sleep stories and soothing music.  The first week is free, so I thought, I would give it a shot.  I also, went back to my yoga studio, a place I hadn’t been since February!   Yoga class felt needed.  My body stretched with the heat and fought with me and it’s tightness.  I left the class feeling like I did something good for myself, away from my phone and voice, just me and my body, in the moment.  I came home, made a salad and glass of water with lemon.  I went to bed early, listening to one of the sleep stories on the Calm app.  My body began to relax at once, and I fell into the most peaceful sleep!  Although I did wake up a few times during the night, I was able to fall back asleep and wake up feeling mostly rested.  With the sun shining, feeling awake and hydrated, my commute to work was vastly improved from the day before.  Oh, what a difference sleep and sun will make!  Like my mediation repeated to me, “Now is a time, to let your body rest. Your thoughts can wait until tomorrow”.  Allow yourself to rest, you deserve it!

What are tricks and tips you find that help you sleep and relax at night?  I would love to learn more how everyone takes care of themselves.

In Love with the City

I fell in love with the city as a young girl.  Our dentist office was downtown, in Westlake, a doctor who had been in practice when my mom was a young girl.  We would drive into the city, my mom panicking with the one way streets and traffic, take the elevator up to the 15th floor and sometimes visit the Pike Place Market afterwards.  It always felt like an adventure compared to our life in the suburbs.  When our dentist finally retired, our trips to Seattle ended.  My parents have always been more of the farm type people, with their horses and gardens.  As soon as I was old enough to figure out how to ride the bus, I was back, exploring the city.

Seattle was a different place in the 1990s.  It felt more of a town, where people knew each other on the streets.  Fashion was laid back, consisting of grunge and b-boy style.  Pioneer square was a fun place to party and there wasn’t any traffic heading into the city.  As the years went on, I saw the change in the city with big companies coming in, bringing more people from other states.  Now, to be born and raised in Seattle, seems like a surprise to hear.

When I moved to Tacoma, it was for a change and to attend school.  I was not planning on staying there, buying a home and falling in love with the city.  The longer I have lived in Tacoma, the more I have appreciated the small town feel, I once had with Seattle.  The dive bars, art and people, have a charm that only a local would appreciate.  In the process of falling in love with Tacoma, I found myself comparing it to Seattle, with bitterness towards the big city.  Maybe to only convince myself I am happy with where I am at, but then I realized, I could love both.

Over the weekend, I visited a friend up north and stopped a few places downtown on the way home.  Oh, has the city changed!  But, rather than feeling nostalgic and sad, I felt adventurous.  There are so many new things I have not checked out yet!  I enjoyed visiting one of my old favorite parks in Greenlake and shopping at a new grocery store in Ballard.  I became excited seeing the new breweries and art throughout the city.  Rather than comparing where I lived now, I became grateful that I could come to Seattle at any time I wished.  Other than wishing I could travel to far away places, I could take advantage of my own state!

Although a part of me will always miss the way things used to be, I do love the state I am in.  Life changes and evolves, just like cities, music and people.  That is the beauty of it all.


I think I have come to a point in my life where I have had some sort of awakening.  I have seen it in other people;  a change in how they present them self, how they handle situations or prioritize their time.  I saw it in my best friend after she attended a series of self help seminars.  Something flipped and the person that I knew, that always seemed a little self centered (sorry girl, you know I love you) seemed to be the most thoughtful and caring person I knew.  I was coming to her for advice on relationships and she became the best listener.  Well, I think I have come to that point, something in me, just woke up.

Maybe it was after having the flu, being unsure, if “this was it” or going through two traumatic situations closely after that, that forced me to start appreciating what I had, where I was now, in the present moment.  After living, eating, drinking, spending both money and time recklessly, I started to realize, what I yearned for was “the calm”.  My best self was when I was calm and focused.  When my actions were aligned with my goals.  When I was doing the things that made me happy, rather than trying to do a bunch of different things that only brought instant gratification.  In my moment of awaking, I found that simplifying my life and going to back to my basics, brought the most joy.  Gratitude and stability bring a kind of peace, that cannot be bought, no matter how good the sale is!  Like it has been said before, it is the simple things.

Could it be, the reason why I even started this blog, Be Simple, to live simply, was there all along?  Here it was trying to awakening me much sooner, although I chose to ignore it.  Is it that we cannot chose our time of awakening, it chooses us, when it has taught us lessons, in which we learn from.

In this moment of awakening, I feel peace.  I feel like I have enough.  I want to take care of myself and what I have.  I want to nourish my relationships.  Be kind.  I feel loved and love.  I find myself smiling for no reason, or rather for so many reasons.  Life is good.


Struggling through childhood, with a broken home and bullies at school, lashing out in life, ultimately hurting myself the most, my younger years were not rainbows and prom dresses.  Bad choices in dating, health, safety;  living life like nothing mattered, but hurting inside, no one would have guessed it.  Wanting so bad, to just feel happy and normal, each day, reminding myself, that I have choices.  Started to learn from mistakes and relationships, making better choices after the lessons were learned, sometimes being repeated year after year.  Then one day, everything felt different.  What really mattered was good and brought a smile to my face.  Bullies, that never go away, had less of a reaction from me.  I could take a full deep breathe that was filled with gratitude and exhaled with love.  I had arrived to the place I longed for, since I was a little girl.  A place of peace and acceptance, for I had finally accepted myself.  I loved myself.  I treated myself kind.  I spoke to myself nicely and pushed the negative thoughts aside.  I was tough from my past, giving me the grit to rise above the hurt.  And all I can say is, thank you.


Take Care of Yourself

How many times have I had to remind myself, “Take care of yourself!” over the years?  In times of stress or when life seems off balance, I find myself, neglecting myself in certain aspects of my life.  When I get too focused on work, I struggle with making it to the gym or sleeping soundly through the night.  When I am too busy with social events, I find myself exhausted, needing some alone time.  Every time, I am reminded how important, self-care is.  In order to give the best of ourselves, we must treat ourselves with love and respect.  Otherwise, we are not living life at our best.  Physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, we can balance ourselves to living our best lives.  These things can take on different meaning for everyone, but self care is important.  Stress is the cause of sickness and unhappiness.  Finding ways to reduce stress and bringing more meaning into life is taking care of yourself.  Don’t feel guilty about going to that yoga class or saying no to an event to relax at home with a book.   Take care of you!

The Bull Dog at Work

I like my job.  I like the position I have.  I like my boss.  I like my hours I work.  But, there are a few co-workers that I do not care for.  I work with some amazing people.  People who are positive, driven, work hard and lift each other up.  Then, there are a few, that waste time with drama, expect others to do their work for them and are unappreciative.  These people are unavoidable, as they are part of a team that must work together to achieve what we are trying to accomplish, but I feel they are toxic.  Even though they are good at a few tasks, great actually, which is the only reason they are able to stay, they make the working environment not so enjoyable for everyone else.  I find myself getting irritated and becoming a person, I do not like to be.  After talking with a girlfriend about the situation, she told me, “you just have to not care about them.”  I feel that is easier said than done.  Has anyone dealt with the bull dog at work and how do you cope?  I would love feedback on this!