Pump It Up

I went from being a lazy couch potato to being active again, this past weekend, just like that.  I was literally sitting on the couch with my laptop, watching a movie and eating pizza, reading about how to get your mojo back.  I read about being in the bad habit of sitting on the couch with your laptop and watching mindless television, looked down at myself and decided enough was enough.  Although I was not feeling like doing anything, but being lazy, I forced myself out of the house.  I took the dogs down to the park and went for a long walk.  I immediately felt better.  I’ve have been wanting a more passionate life, but one cannot seek passion- action creates passion!  I created a list of all the things I have been wanting to try.  I had no reason to be lazy and plenty of things I have been wanting to try.  The next day, I made a healthy breakfast then got in the Jeep for an adventure.  I drove out to the mountains and hiked Squak Mountain with my dogs.  I started to feel alive again and could feel my “mojo” coming back.  I went to the store and bought healthy foods to eat for the week and prepared them in easy take away bags. I made a choice that I no longer want to wish for more energy and passion, I am going to make it happen.  I packed up my outfit and make up for the next day, set my alarm and was at the gym at 6:30 am this morning.  With summer coming, I don’t want to spend my evenings in the gym, I want to get that out of the way, so I can go on bike rides and walks in the sun.

Anything we want in life, is just one choice away.  Each day we can decide what we are going to do with our time and if the choices we make take us closer to our goals.