Time To Do

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of journaling, pinning, researching, observing… and quite frankly I’m not only stressing myself, I’m getting bored.  Am I ever going to cook the 800 recipes I have pinned on Pinterest?  Or fit into my white jeans I’ve had in my closet for three summers?  I’m not even going to come close, if I don’t start DOING.  Thinking about a business idea can only go so far.  What I am really doing is wasting time and giving myself anxiety.  I have this reality in my mind of the life I want, but actual reality requires much more.  Only through purposeful action will goals be achieved.  I feel like I’m on the right path, but now is the time to get out of the car and experience some of the stops along the way.

My boyfriend and I were driving through the South Island of New Zealand and on the way to Queenstown was an amazing view of Mount Cook.  I wanted to stop and grab a photo, but my boyfriend had been driving for hours and was determined to get to our destination.  He said we would stop there on the way back.  Well, a few days later, when we left Queenstown, we decided to go another way.  I missed my chance.  Maybe one day I will get another, but the 22 hours of travel time, doesn’t make it easy.  Point being- I’m all for the journey, but I’m tired of putting things off.

Now is the time to cook that recipe, run that marathon- whatever I have been thinking about, because I may not get another chance.


Traveling to New Zealand

I believe that traveling is the only thing you can spend money on, that will make you richer.  I was introduced to traveling at a young age by my best friend’s family.  She was an only child and I was lucky enough that they brought me along.  My family couldn’t afford to travel, or at least they had different priorities (saving up for a house) so I appreciated every adventure I was invited on.  They took me to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, the Caribbean, road trips through Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho…. I have to say, they have a huge influence in my wanderlust.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have opportunities come up to be able to travel along the East Coast, all over the West Coast,  Greece and New Zealand twice.  New Zealand has definitely taken a piece of my heart.  There is something about the south island that makes my soul feel happy.  Mountains, beaches, friendly people and a laid back kind of vibe, that makes me feel like, this is how life is supposed to be!

While on my most recent trip to New Zealand, I truly feel my time spent there has changed who I am.  Before I got on the plane, leaving from Seattle, I was working too much, checking work emails on the weekends, stressing about things I had no control over and not really doing anything about any of my goals.  Once I landed, I wasn’t able to use my phone or check my email and I was glad.  I allowed myself to take a break from the normal routine of life and I found some peace of mind.  I woke up early and went for a run.  I ate healthy foods.  I laid out on a chair in the sun and did nothing.  I took pictures with my camera.  I wasn’t on social media every hour.  It felt wonderful.  When I returned home, I wanted to hold on to that feeling as long as possible.  Although, some of the vacation high went away and I had to return back to work, I feel like my priorities have changed.  I am doing my best to not work, when I am not at work.  When I find myself stressing, I tell myself to stop.  I’ve been exercising and eating healthy, because I want to feel my best.  Most importantly, I want to create a lifestyle where I will be able to travel more.  I thank New Zealand for opening up my mind and heart again.