Living Simply

There has been a lot of writing, thinking, planning, failing, successes-  that have brought me to this point, where I am finally doing, what I have been wanting to do, living simply.  It’s funny, we can want something, or at least think we want something, but until we are finally ready, that is only when change will occur.  Sometimes we are forced into that change, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  I have had some life events happen recently that make me wish I would have listened to myself a long time ago.  What it all comes down to, is having good health, a control on your finances, taking care of the ones you love and being kind to yourself, is what really matters.  It is all fun and games, until you find your self wishing you would have saved a little more money or not spent so many nights lazy on the couch drinking too much wine.  Guilty.  The thing about life, is that, typically, everything will work out.  As long as you give it your best shot and try to plan a little for the what is yet to come, all should be OK.  Life can be hard sometimes, but we find the strength to get through even the toughest situations.  Out of those moments, we may even learn more about ourselves, that we never knew we had in us.

With that said, I have been living life more simply and it feels great.  As soon as I get paid, I have been putting money in a savings fund, no matter the amount.  I have been eating healthy meals and exercised at least 30 minutes, everyday.  I haven’t had any alcohol in two weeks and have been sleeping better than ever.  Rather than spending my extra money on shopping and spa treatments, I have added that money to my savings.  It is amazing how much those things add up!  I have taken control over my choices and have seen amazing results already.

Whatever it is, that you have been wanting to do, I suggest you get started and just do it!  If there has been something pulling at your heartstrings, it will never go away.  At least give it a shot!  You never know where your thoughts may take you!


New Beginnings

Life has a funny way of changing and becoming something completely new… just like that.  Last weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Napa.  We both have been wanting to go there and he secretly had been planning the trip, telling me only, “to pack for somewhere warm and bring a nice dress for dinner.”  When we arrived at the airport, I was told of our destination.  The surprise factor made the trip even more exciting.  We drove from Santa Rosa to our bed and breakfast, an Airstream getaway behind a modern farmhouse.  I have always been obsessed with Airstreams and became all teary eyed with excitement!  There were chickens in a manicured yard that had a cute little hen house where they laid eggs.  A sign that read, “Farmhouse” hung on the fence.  I was told dinner reservations were in two hours and to start getting ready.  I showered in the cozy bathroom and got ready for dinner.  My boyfriend said he was going to ask the host if she could take our photo in front of the Airstream and was out talking with her and her son.  I came out the Airstream and we stood in the front for our photo.  He then said, “let’s take one more”… and that is when he got down on one knee and proposed to me.  I said “yes!”.  The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating and being in love.  I have never felt happier in all of my life.  We have been together for a long time and have become comfortable with each other.  Being newly engaged has brought a new beginning to not only our relationship, but I feel with both of us individually.  I see us both wanting to try harder, do more, and be the best we can be, not only for ourselves, but for each other.  It is an exciting and busy time!  I don’t even know where to begin with the planning, but right now, I am enjoying being a fiance!

For someone who loves comfort, whether is be clothes or staying in the same job for years, stability has always been my jam.  This little rock of the boat has been good for me!  I like the new wave that I am on and I am excited to ride it out, enjoying every minute of it!

Yoga and Meditation

As much as I love sleep, it doesn’t love me.  My mind decides to run wild with thoughts as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Every ache and pain screams at me, my skin itches, I think of what I’m going to cook for dinner the next day… whatever that will keep me from feeling relaxed and ready to sleep.  I would love to be a morning person, get my workout done and feel ready to start the day, but the constant lack of a full nights sleep has me starting most my days out in zombie mode.

Last night I decided to download a meditation app called Calm.  It has different mediation exercises, sleep stories and soothing music.  The first week is free, so I thought, I would give it a shot.  I also, went back to my yoga studio, a place I hadn’t been since February!   Yoga class felt needed.  My body stretched with the heat and fought with me and it’s tightness.  I left the class feeling like I did something good for myself, away from my phone and voice, just me and my body, in the moment.  I came home, made a salad and glass of water with lemon.  I went to bed early, listening to one of the sleep stories on the Calm app.  My body began to relax at once, and I fell into the most peaceful sleep!  Although I did wake up a few times during the night, I was able to fall back asleep and wake up feeling mostly rested.  With the sun shining, feeling awake and hydrated, my commute to work was vastly improved from the day before.  Oh, what a difference sleep and sun will make!  Like my mediation repeated to me, “Now is a time, to let your body rest. Your thoughts can wait until tomorrow”.  Allow yourself to rest, you deserve it!

What are tricks and tips you find that help you sleep and relax at night?  I would love to learn more how everyone takes care of themselves.


I think I have come to a point in my life where I have had some sort of awakening.  I have seen it in other people;  a change in how they present them self, how they handle situations or prioritize their time.  I saw it in my best friend after she attended a series of self help seminars.  Something flipped and the person that I knew, that always seemed a little self centered (sorry girl, you know I love you) seemed to be the most thoughtful and caring person I knew.  I was coming to her for advice on relationships and she became the best listener.  Well, I think I have come to that point, something in me, just woke up.

Maybe it was after having the flu, being unsure, if “this was it” or going through two traumatic situations closely after that, that forced me to start appreciating what I had, where I was now, in the present moment.  After living, eating, drinking, spending both money and time recklessly, I started to realize, what I yearned for was “the calm”.  My best self was when I was calm and focused.  When my actions were aligned with my goals.  When I was doing the things that made me happy, rather than trying to do a bunch of different things that only brought instant gratification.  In my moment of awaking, I found that simplifying my life and going to back to my basics, brought the most joy.  Gratitude and stability bring a kind of peace, that cannot be bought, no matter how good the sale is!  Like it has been said before, it is the simple things.

Could it be, the reason why I even started this blog, Be Simple, to live simply, was there all along?  Here it was trying to awakening me much sooner, although I chose to ignore it.  Is it that we cannot chose our time of awakening, it chooses us, when it has taught us lessons, in which we learn from.

In this moment of awakening, I feel peace.  I feel like I have enough.  I want to take care of myself and what I have.  I want to nourish my relationships.  Be kind.  I feel loved and love.  I find myself smiling for no reason, or rather for so many reasons.  Life is good.


As I log into here, absent for weeks, as life can get in the way sometimes, I get excited clicking on the top right button “write”.  A blank canvas to share my thoughts, which I privately engage in each morning.  But, here is where I share my thoughts with all of you and those thoughts that I share are in hopes that they will spark some sort of fire in your own life.  Although social media posts can feel somewhat ego driven, there is a part of me that likes the idea of sharing a good place to eat, in hopes someone else will have the same experience.  Or post a picture of a new hike I went on, to have someone else post the same pic with their family the next week.  Being social, means were in this thing together, so lets all share!  I see enough negativity shared, but how often is the positive moments shared?  Is it fear of being ridiculed, or thought of as thinking one is better than another?  Why are we scared to share the good moments in our lives, but frequently share what we do not like?

Today, as I was sipping green tea and looking at Pinterest on my lunch break, I came across the picture below of “Mindful Living 101:  Components of Mindful Living”.  Interesting to come across as your mindlessly scrolling, but it caught my attention.  Being constantly tired lately, with having too much anxiety and stress, carried from work, I’ve been desperate to let it all go.  The responsibility of adulthood seems to filled with to do list and deadlines.  My soul has been yearning for detachment and the word “boundaries”  repeats in my head.  My goal for 2018 is to live with peace, love and intention.

Mindful Living 101

I’m happy with where I am at in life and that is a great place to be.  There have been times when I have not felt that way.  Being grateful and appreciating the time now, can only be, because of the harder times before now.  I’m sure life will still have it’s hard times, but I’m learning how to not react to everything and just be.


Knowing Verses Doing

Most of know what we need to do.  We have had the experiences, desires, outcomes that bring us to a sense of what we feel is right for us.  We come up with a plan, create goals, set a budget… only to find ourselves running on a hamster wheel.  The question is, if we know what we need to do, then why aren’t we doing it?  Knowing what we need to do, isn’t going to help us reach our goals, only actions can do that.  I know for myself, my mood can sway me to do things that counterproductive.  Fatigue, hunger or plain boredom can make me forget what I set out to do, just hours prior.  Instant gratification replaces the work it takes to actually achieve, what I think I want to do.  That is the other question, if I really wanted to do something, then wouldn’t I just do it?  Maybe deep down I don’t really want to do it.  But, who doesn’t want to be healthy or debt free?  I feel most of us do, it is just the work to achieve it, isn’t as fun.  Those that actually meet their goals are those that put in the work.  Those people make sacrifices now, to have what they really want later.

Sometimes thinking about something too much, can be just as exhausting as actually doing it.  Action brings a type of momentum that pushes us to keep going.  Little milestones achieved can be motivating!  I feel at this point in my life, I know what I need to do, at least with a few areas in my life and it is time to take action!  If I want to travel more, pick a place, set a budget, figure out what I need to set aside each paycheck and make it happen.  If I want to stick to my budget, I need to look at it each pay period and adjust my budget to what is needed for the next couple of weeks.  I think being realistic with your self and your goals is what makes actions doable.  We can think anything we want, but if we really want something, action can only make it happen.

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a good day.  I had the best sleep I have had in months.  After feeling like a zombie the day before, I decided I was on a mission to do whatever it takes to get a full nights rest.  I turned off my electronics a few hours before bedtime, took a hot bath, read in bed for an hour and whenever feelings of anxiety or overthinking came up, I told myself softly, “stop.”  Instead of focusing on on trying to sleep, I focused on relaxing and that seemed to work.  It is amazing how a good night’s sleep, can make you feel like a whole new person.  I woke up  twenty minutes before my alarm went off and instead of grabbing my phone and checking social media, I cuddled with my dog laying next to me.  I took a hot shower and played music from the 80s, dancing and singing in the bathroom.  I made coffee, took my supplements and put on perfume.  Wishing everyday could start like today, I am going to do my best to continue last night’s routine.

Feeling good, just opens my mind to other thoughts during the day, possibilities, ideas and dreams.  Rather than just wanting to go home and lay on the couch after work, I am excited to go to the gym.  Self care isn’t selfish, but allows you to be your best self, for you and others.  Fatigue is a cruel monster that will rob your life of joy and being in the present moment.  Goodbye sleepsnatchers, I am done with you.