In Love With My Yoga Practice

Sometimes I wonder why we know what makes us happy, but we chose not to do it.  Before traveling to New Zealand  earlier this year, I was in love with my yoga practice.  I was going 3-4 times a week and to the point, I was questioning whether or not I should become a yoga instructor.  I was far from doing a perfect headstand and my left hip still wouldn’t stretch the way I wanted it too, but yoga gave me a sense of peace that I needed. In a hectic world that we live it, it felt rewarding to be quiet with myself for 60 minutes, unable to check my phone or even having to speak.  I would go into class feeling tense and come out relaxed.  Each month that went by, I wondered why I wasn’t going to class.  There was always an excuse I had in my head.  It cost too much.  It was already too hot outside.  It was going to be hard again.  On Sunday, I  decided that it was time to give up the excuses and get my yoga pants back into class.  The instructor remembered my name as soon as I walked through the door, which made me feel a little guilty.  I wanted to explain that it wasn’t anything personal, but she was just all smiles and welcoming.  I spread my mat down and laid on my back.  I instantly felt at home again.  Class began and I realized I had hardly stretched in the last six months that I have been gone.  I was tight all over.  The hour was tough and I am still sore two days later.  But, yesterday when the day became hectic, I felt an inner peace inside of me, that I knew I could thank yoga for.  I am happy to be back to my practice and once again doing what I know makes me happy!